Previous Design Projects

Specializing in large utility project

As a Fifth Generation Telecom company, our roots are in the phone and data world. Averaging over 22 years of experience, our engineers have seen the growth and changes within the industry especially over the last five years, and have the expertise to field, engineer, design and inspect all facets of telecom utilities (overhead, underground, direct buried, fiber, copper). GES is also well versed in many "proprietary" design systems such as AOTX, CFAS, ARES, ARAMIS-DT, O-Calc, etc.

GES has provided utility design services for some of the nation's largest and fastest-paced Department of Transportation Design/Build projects. Although we have experience working with both wet (water, sewer, drainage) and dry (comm, power, gas) utilities, we specialize in all facets of communication utility design. Below is a sample of the Utility Design projects GES has participated on.

Telecom Design

Keeping pace with the data-driven world.